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Elissa Kroeger

Hi!! Don't give up. It works. It is amazing how full and satisfied you can feel while on Phase 1. I have fond memories of feeling like I was pigging out and losing 15 pounds on phase 1 (I lost 30 altogether). It was amazing!! And five years later...it is still gone. All I have to do is a modified phase one for a few days or a week every once in awhile and voila!! It is definitely a boost to the ego!! Thank you, Dr Agatston!!!

Lauri Rogers

My best advice to you is to exercise the imagination away. You get the double portion of calorie burn and endorphines are powerful good! Not to mention your tight - well we'll leave that to your imagination too!
fellow pasta fiend,

Danny Wright

Suzi -

Because the end will justify the means. Because you are adding WAY more than two weeks on to your life. Because pasta has been around thousands of years - it will still be available in two more weeks. Because it will make you feel superior to everyone else with no will power. Because if you do this, then it proves you can do a lot of things. Because if you watch the new season of The Biggest Loser, you'll see people with arms that weigh 115 pounds - and their road to 500 lbs was like anyone else's ...
one bite at a time, Because you refuse to let a plate of food control you, the way you feel or how you look. Because 115 is better than 140. Because dieting and weight loss is good physically AND emotionally.

How's that for some quick inspiration?

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