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Carolin Rieffenberger

Right on, Terry! Smiling is the best way to look good. You know how a lot of people say that your smile is one of your image enhancers? You really have to smile a lot 'cause frowning can make you even more stressed.

Terry Bayer

Smiling is indeed a natural face lift, Suzy. You don't need to spend a thousand of bucks for your face to be ageless. All you need to do is to put a smile and share it to everyone at any time and place. :)

Katie Hallison

That's an inspiring story, Suzy. Your husband must be so proud of those words. :) Smiling is really one way to show off a pretty face! Some say that it takes 43 muscles to frown, and only 17 to smile! Smiling can really make someone look younger. Being cheerful isn't really hard. It's a plus factor in reducing stress in life, too. Keep on smiling! :)

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Its quite noticeable that those who always smile looks younger for their real age.

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