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Olive oil is also a great Omega 3

Charles Cage

Yes, olive oil can refresh the skin and do a lot more. One more thing, it's good for calming the nerves. This is helpful for anyone who's into naturals. :-)


yes all good.

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Does it have to be on an empty stomach or after b'fast?


I always keep a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in the house but only when I do pasta. Will try your suggestion hope it do me good too. thanks.


Hello everyone I have suffered from a gassy stomach which lead to anxiety and depression because the doctors kept prescribing me medicine for gastritis(which made things worse with all the side effects). After 1week of taking one to two tablespoons of olive oil I immediately felt the difference it is a great feeling.

K. Christine

I have been taking a spoon of olive oil for now three month. I swear by it. I have never had a beautiful clear complexion as I do today. I look healthy and younger.More to this I've lost weight, 6kgs in 3 months. My blood pressure is now normal as well as my blood sugar. Because of the benefit, I've started giving to my children as well.

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Good stuff. Thank you so so much for sharing your knowledge with the world through the Internet. Wonderful blog and post you got here


Thank you great article : Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Do you take your olive oil before or after you eat breakfast, in other words, does it have to be on an empty stomach? Thanks for sharing.


Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


i had,a double fusion surgery due to an injury ,on my c-spine, and was diagnosed with diterirating dics desease,and athorituze,and i had been looking for natural help, and now beleive this may help me, i just did my first 15 ml shot, kinda nasty, but what other nasty things have weve all done to our selves in life and received bad health as a result, i am going to do at least one table spoon a day from now onand maybe evry other day do two table spoons,will let you all know how i feel in 2 weeks!


i have been takeing 2 tablespoons a day of extra virgin olive oil and i have lost 40 pounds and my joints and skin feel wonderful. i like to call it liquid life in a bottle.

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What is the different between virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil and does it matter which one you use in a recipe? Will it make something taste worst or better depending on how virgin the olive oil is?

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I also read that in an article. Olive oil has been proven to help with weight loss and weight management; that is why it is recommended to use olive oil with our food.




nice work i try it for the snifflez !

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